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What's New at A C O D

Spring Edition 2022



1. We now offer "ear seeds", a form of acupressure, as an addition to body acupuncture.

Usually three seeds are inserted in each ear and the client is asked to rotate or stimulate the seeds

about five times per day. The cost is $35.00 .

2,   Our building's front door is now being locked at 6:00 pm for security reasons.

If you come for an appointment about that time and find the front door locked, 

just call Jim at tel: (678)-805-7575 and we'll have the door unlocked for you.

3.    We've added pages to our website: .

Be sure to look over the new Links and Articles (see the Menu, go to More, then Select

what you want to read.


Now is an excellent time to enhance your health. Acupuncture has been shown  to 

significantly boost immunity, strengthen "chi" (or "qi"), balance yin and yang,

increase energy and reduce stress. We are now not only treating the immune 

system's overreaction to vaccines, but also the after effects of Covid-19 itself.


Symptoms such as liver damage, breathing problems, brain dysfunction, weakness

upon exertion, tachycardia, blood pressure variability, brain fog, dizziness, headaches, 

muscle pain, insomnia, and other issues are treatable. Consider optimizing your health

with an Acupuncture appointment.


Please contact Jim at 678-805-7575 or touch the Online Appointment button on this website  to schedule your next step in Better Health.

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