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Links to Professional Referrals

We have friends and colleagues in many area of Metro Atlanta from various medical specialties, wellness traditions, and other modalities, who may help you heal to optimal health.  We believe that multiple approaches enhance wellness. We greatly respect the work, skills and credentials: of these practitioners:​​

Chiropractor: Dr. John Beasley, Decatur tel: 404-633-7143

Cranial-Sacral Therapy: 

Shyamala Strack, Decatur tel: 404-325-3339

MaryBeth Hayes, Decatur, tel:401-965-0519

Massage Therapy: Gail Cole, Decatur, tel: 770-713-8935

Other Non-Health-Related Professionals:

Real Estate-  Jim Michaelson 404-295-9063;

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